Classical Vocal and Aria- Lisa Lockland-Bell – 2017

Classical Vocal

A passionate vocal coach and mentor on a mission to inspire propel and elevate professional performance through vocal excellence.

From growing up at young age in small town country Australia. To studying as a Soprano at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and The New York Julliard School of Music. To singing professionally in Australia, Italy and Armenia, my professional work relies on my ability to attain vocal excellence.

Today, as an internationally renowned opera singer, keynote speaker and leading vocal coach, the expertise and trade techniques I’ve mastered over a 25-year career allow me to deliver meaningful, specialized and unique strategies to individuals seeking to communicate authentically.

In between presentations, individual vocal coaching appointments and motivational speaking commitments, I lead The Vocal Giants Program; a self-development workshop aimed at individuals and business groups eager to grow their vocal image and reach optimal business success.

The Vocal Giants Program is the culmination of my life experience, my professional knowledge and international education.

Ultimately it was my profound battle with cancer, first at age 22 then again at 34, that sparked the need for me to share those challenges and triumphs I’d faced fighting the disease to help others empower themselves and transform their own lives.

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